A Foot Zoning Course for

Foot Zone Therapy


by Susan Child

foot zoning
foot zoning
foot zoning

What is

Foot Zoning?


Foot Zone Therapy is a remarkable practice that taps into the body’s innate healing potential by working with the intricate network of energy pathways in our bodies known as meridians.

Our foot zoning course teaches you all about these meridians that are found throughout our entire body, starting at the top of our head and extending all the way down to our feet. The everyday rigors of your life such as stress, toxins, negative emotions, illness and injuries can cause disruptions to these vital pathways.

Consequently they become stagnant, blocked, or accumulate excessive energy. These blockages can lead to a variety of physical and emotional issues.

Through the art of Foot Zone Therapy we unlock the power of these meridians by applying gentle pressure and stimulation to specific areas of the feet that correspond to different parts of the body. This practice allows us to access and restore the flow of energy within these meridians.

Foot Zoning revitalizes the body and enables it to naturally heal, restore, and rejuvenate itself. 

Our Course Options

Our Comprehensive Mastering Foot Zone Therapy Certification Course

Master Foot Zone Therapy Course



This Course will provide you with the tools and resources to become a certified Foot Zone Therapist. You’ll master the art of foot zone therapy and acquire the skills needed to support the entire body in an effective and comprehensive manner. With over 70 instructional videos and additional hard-copy resource materials, this course is tailored to the individual seeking to become a skilled Foot Zone Therapy practitioner.

Resources include:

  • Certification as a Foot Zone Therapist.
  • 300 hours of expert-led online instruction.
  • Comprehensive video tutorials library.
  • Hard-copy materials including comprehensive textbook, chakra book, foot zone
    illustrations book, and quick reference guidebook.
  • In-depth information on related topics including anatomy, herbal remedies, and
    emotional clearing.
  • Personalized guidance and detailed feedback.

Take Charge of Your Health and Well-Being with Our Three Mini Courses

Mini Course photo



  •  Cold and Flu Mini Course: practical skills to manage and support the body during illness.
  • Babies and Children Mini Course: tools to nurture your child’s growth.
  • Women’s Health Mini Course: expert knowledge and holistic remedies for optimal

Each course contains invaluable resources including a dedicated workbook, enlightening video demonstrations, and personalized online guidance to provide a holistic approach to your health and that of your loved ones.


  • Approximately 3 hours of online instruction and practical application per course.
  • Video demonstrations and online guidance.
  • Hard-copy workbook.
  • Holistic instruction on topics including herbal remedies and emotional well-being.

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