I’m so grateful for Foot Zoning! I received a call from my daughter’s drill team coach while at pratice. The coach said that my daughter had hurt herself and was dizzy, almost blacked out. I immediately ran over to the school to find her laying on the floor crying, still dizzy, and extremely shaky.

As we were walking out into the hall, she told me that she had hit her elbow and felt everything go black. She didn’t pass out, she was dizzy, sick to her stomach, and disoriented. She said she felt as if she was dreaming.

I picked her up and we walked out into the hall together where we could have some privacy. I began relaxing the nerve points on her foot, knowing that she had triggered her fight-or-flight response in her body by hitting the vagus nerve. As soon as I started rubbing two of the key points on her feet, she stopped crying, started breathing more evenly, and you could see the color in her face change.

I continued to work on each point in the vagus nerve system that we teach in my Mastering Foot Zone Therapy course.  After I was done, she said she could dance again. She walked back in and joined the team as they practiced their routine.

These are the moments I am grateful for Foot Zoning. How amazing to be able to help my daughter, or anyone, when they need it. Just the week before, I had a friend whose daughter fell off the trampoline onto cement. After she was taken to the ER and found out nothing was broken, I went over and relaxed her body using the same treatment I did with my daughter. You could immediately see the color back into her face and a smile appear as she talked to her parents as I worked on her.

I’m so glad that I have the knowledge and skills of Foot Zoning to help people in these moments of need. It’s truly amazing to see how quickly and effectively it can work.