Sore Neck Muscles?

Have you ever woken up with a stiff or sore neck? I have, and I’ve worked with lots of clients that have as well. No one likes putting up with a hurting neck, or just hoping it works itself out over time. But did you know that you can access to the body through the feet to relax your neck muscles? You can! In fact, I work on my own feet almost every day to help alleviate aches pains, digestive problems, or other issues in the body (which sometimes includes a sore neck). 

In this video I demonstrate a powerful technique to relax your neck muscles by massaging specific points. Many of us unknowingly harbor tension, stress, and emotions in our necks. By simply rubbing your toe, you can experience a profound release of stress and allow your body to let go. Work on both big toes to get the most benefit. You can work these signals mutliple times a day to relax the muscles even deeper. Watch for yourself to learn the secret to relieving neck tension!