How Imposter Syndrome is

Keeping You Stuck

Recently I’ve helped several clients clear emotions related to Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome is when individuals feel like they’re pretending to be something they aren’t, or believe they’re undeserving of their achievements. It’s a fear-driven belief, and can be especially prevalent when people venture into new areas of their lives, such as pursuing education, learning new skills, starting a new job, or even sharing accomplishments and skills on social media.

Imposter Syndrome can lead to self-sabotage and inhibit personal growth.  When we allow it to take hold emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, it can hinder progress and prevent us from exploring new opportunities. The fear of trying something different or stepping outside our comfort zone can keep us stuck in repetitive behaviors and impede our potential for growth and success. True progression involves embracing change and viewing it as an opportunity for personal development and new experiences. Waiting until we’re “good enough” or “perfect” will only hold us back and leave us stuck.

This Syndrome often arises from a lack of self-value and self-worth. When we feel inadequate, we tend to adopt limiting beliefs that hold us back from taking on new challenges and achieving our goals. Breaking free from these patterns and embracing our uniqueness and capabilities is essential for personal growth.

Now is the time to release ourselves from the grip of Imposter Syndrome and recognize our full potential. Instead of doubting ourselves, we should celebrate our accomplishments and understand that learning and growth are natural aspects of life. By acknowledging our self-worth and inner strengths, we can confidently pursue new opportunities and lead fulfilling lives. Remember, you are a divine being capable of greatness.


I am worthwhile and lovable.

There is nothing I need to do to get love and acceptance.

I am loveable just the way I am.

I deserve to be successful.

I am free to try new things and enjoy the journey.