As I’ve foot zoned incredible people through the years it has become clear to me how our emotions have a profound impact on our physical bodies 

It’s fascinating how our necks hold so much tension, stress, and emotion. But did you know that there is an emotional connection between the neck and our perspective on what is happening in life?

The ability to move our necks from side to side allows us to see things from different angles and viewpoints. Our neck should move freely alowing us the opportunity to be able to explore, learn, try new things and give us the options to also see what it is we want to do or change in our own life. However, when we feel unsafe or uncomfortable exploring new opportunities, ideas, or beliefs, with ourselves and others our necks can become stiff and rigid.

Clearing emotions and rubbing your big toes can help you explore new paths and opportunities.

Take a deep breath and open yourself up to the beauty of a new perspective.