Mini Courses for Better Health

         No prior foot zoning experience required!

Mini Course for Babies and Children


Workbook Included!

This online mini course provides invaluable insights and practical techniques for supporting your child through every stage of development.

You’ll learn effective foot zone treatments and other holistic approaches to support your child’s growth from infancy through adolescence. We’ll cover important signals on the feet and how to activate them to support the teeth, back, brain, esophagus, liver, and intestines as well as other signals. We also address emotional development, offering herbal remedies and emotional strategies to nurture overall growth.

This course will empower you to actively participate in your child’s journey. You’ll gain a solid understanding of child development and acquire practical, hands-on techniques to provide the care a child needs for everyday life. Join us on this transformative journey to become an empowered and connected caregiver!

Women's Health Mini Course


Workbook Included!

Do you ever experience hormonal issues, stress, anxiety, or fatigue? This course is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate physical and emotional challenges that women commonly encounter.

This course is designed to guide you to a state of balance, allowing for healing, rejuvenation, and relaxation. We’ll introduce you to signals on the feet that target crucial points like the uterus, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary gland, and more, all aimed at assisting your body in achieving its natural equilibrium. We’ll also cover effective herbal remedies, emotional support, and other practical solutions to empower you on your journey to better health.

Empower yourself as a woman to take charge of your health and well-being! Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier, more balanced you. Enroll now and let’s embark on this path together!

Cold and Flu Mini


Workbook Included!

Have you ever felt powerless when your loved ones battled illnesses like the flu or cold? As a mom, I’ve been there too, watching my family suffer without knowing how to help. That’s one of the main reasons I became a certified foot zone therapist!

This course will teach you how to perform basic foot zone techniques to support the body during common illnesses. You’ll acquire practical skills to support the lungs, sinuses, lymphatic system, digestive system, ears, and other vital parts of the body during times of sickness. You’ll learn how to identify signals on the feet that correspond to physical conditions in the body, as well as practical and effective herbal remedies and emotional support tools that can aid the healing process.

No more helplessness during sickness! Become a source of meaningful comfort and support during times of need! Become an empowered caregiver, ready to make a meaningful impact when it matters most!